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How to destroy a human being

How the politicians can kill you by legal power

I was called to the local police station the second time, a couple of days ago.
Both times because of my e-mails, that I wrote in the last years to a lot of
addresses , asking for help. This is almost the only answer to my numerous
proofs of the facts, that I try to explain all the time. They show without
any doubt that the Croatian Government took everything away from me –
beside my property and family, also all the documents that prove that I exist
and am right. . ( certificates of schooling, all documents about my work in
Croatia and of the undertaking I owned at that time, and more). The documents
are probably still at the Croatian court and Police, and I don't see a way
anymore to get them back. The conflict with the Croatian Government is going on
for 14 years.
Without all the documents I am not able even to try starting a normal life in
Slovenija, where I live now ( or anywhere else). I can practically do anything
more now. And I have tried everything… I asked the Croatian Government to
settle the problem, other institutions there too, the President of EC, European
comissionars , politicians, lawers, Interpol, even President Bush and a number
of other different organizations.

Whoever has read my letters in the net knows, in what need I am now and what are
my charges against Croatia.
O don't ask anything impossible. I' only asking for my documents and at least a
part of the money which should I get already years ago. I only want them to
enable me to survive the next few years. I'm only a shaddow of the man I used
to be and have a load of deabts. I had to borrow money for medical treatments,
lawers and other things relating to the conflict with Croatian Government.
http://feniks13.tripod.com - HELP WANTED


Bez obzira sto cijenim tvoju

Bez obzira sto cijenim tvoju borbu,minus za pisanje na engleskom.Zelim ti sretan Bozic i novu godinu i da istrajes u svojoj borbi.

Tko je glasao

Naprotiv, svi koji vladamo s

Naprotiv, svi koji vladamo s nekim stranim jezikom bismo se njime trebali sluziti i upoznavati strane medije, instutucije i pojedince sa zlima koja nas pogadjaju.
Obojici pozdrav i obojici Sretni blagdani!

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