Petar Bosnic Petrus
Professor of Philosophy

The greatest revolution ever starts up here.

The existing economic and civilizational crisis can be solved by establishing a society based in artificial ownership and by establishing global state.

How to ahead?
1. I believe that better and more sensible, easier and safer way of survival of all mankind is based in the unification of all national states into a World or Global state. That, global state could be some kind of federation or other shape of community.

2. But, in order to not achieve worse situation than it exist now, it is necessary to rebuild and reinforce the legal foundations of developed burgeois (western) societies. The existing foundations of these societies and states are outdated (obsolete) and prevent both, nations and the human species in achieving their ultimate goals.

3. Reconstruction can be accomplished by establishing laws regulating the right to manage both, economy and politics. It is a group of laws, or group of rights named Ius gubernandi – Right to govern, rule or manage. Such legal regulation of right to manage did not existed up today. Mainly because of it, social and civilizational situation is bad and and tend to become worse.

4. Laws which are regulating the right to reign, rule or manage have to be done in such (exact) form that can be applicable in each national country and in possible Global state.

5. By implementing laws belonging to the ius gubernandi group, into existing legal systems, an artificial owner is generated. The future society should be based in artificial ownership.

6. A possible Global state would be an instrument for applying the Right, or instrument for self-leading , self-motivation and self-coercion of entire human species and, in the same time, the instrument of self-leading, self-motvation and self-coercion of all nations and races – the instrument by which could be possible to build such a way of existence and coexistence that leads to easier realization of better life and to achieve ultimate goals of all individuals, nations and races, i.e. goals of whole mankind.

7. Global state can not be a leader, but only a frame or basis for easier, safer and more functional, nonviolent leadership of progressive and advanced nations.

One Arabic proverb says: A thousand donkeys led by a lion have more worth than a thousand lions led by a donkey.

The key problem of today's societies is precisely that societes mainly or often are led by those donkeys of this Arabic proverb
In other words, the dysfunctionality of today's societies comes from the fact that key positions in society are occupied by people who are incapable in job of ruling.

How to get rid of the rule of these, incompetent people?

Since it is impossible, in advance, to know whether someone is unable to rule or not, every normal should have the ability to come to the position of a ruler.

Those who conquer the dominant position will have to meet the requirements laid down by the group of laws, Ius gubernandi -right to govern. In order to prevent cheating and getting around the law, these requests are seted by numbers. If someone did not meet its demands within the deadline, and continued to carry out the management, would be considered criminal, the usurper of the right to rule, for which the laws envision very severe punishments.

Ius gubernandi is a group of rights that i have aded to existing groups: Ius utendi, Ius fruendi, and Ius abutendi. I had to done it because in the last half of the last century there occured a complete separation of ownership rights from the right to govern/manage. Because of this separation, the owners of capital goods lost power. It went into the hands of the managers.

Similar situation also exist in politics. In democratic states, Nations lost authority power. It vent into the hands of administration (birocracy) and irrensponsible politicians.

Since managers and political leaders have not legal responsibility in regard to capital property of other people (owners) and social benefit, they turned into a wild devastation of the 1. capital property of those other people, 2. property of national societes and societes itself, and 3. property of the whole human race and its civilization.

That is the largest problem of today.

Actually, Ius gubernandi is the reglation of control rights. This group od rights forces managers and governments to follow the fate of the property or state which are ruling. To follow it in a sense of latin proverb : Fatum dominii sui dominus sequitur- owner is following the fate of his property. Rises and collapses with it.

In group of ius gubernandi belogns:

1. The Act on the Control of Efficiency of Government work and work of administration,
2.The Act on Managing Efficiency Management,
3.The Act on the Control of Efficiency of Educational System,
4.Tha Act on the Control of Efficiency and Economic Life of Family Life.

There are still several acts more.
Mentioned acts refer to four key social subjects:

1. individals,
2. a) family, b) school.
3. company,
4. state.

Ius gubernandi is similar to Ius utendi. Difference is in a following: Ius uendi protects user's of some capital goods interests. Ius gubernandi protects interests of those goods. Laws are based in imperative:

do realize your own interests and aims, but you have permission to do it exclusively in a way by which you are simultaneously realizing interests of 1. capital goods, you are managing, 2. interests and aims of society and 3. and aims whole human species.

Laws that belong to group of ius gubernandi have been made in a manner of mathematical principles, so that it can be established in each national or local state and also can be the underlying laws of the Global state, which I consider as necessary for normal survival of mankind and successful further development of civilization.

The first two laws can be seen in the text:


By implementation of those laws in the legal system of any country, an artificial owner is created. An artificial owner is absolutely superior to a living private owner and society as owner, i.e. social ownership. In the books which I wrote about these things, the opposit to Plato, Marx and many other thinkers and reformists, the artificial owner is considered as highest degree of development of the institution of ownership.

An Artificial owner is inevitable means for creation of humane society and prerequisite for the creation of a Global state, which, as I have already said, is a condition of normal survival of the human race and the further development of its civilization.

As it was mentioned in the above: How to ahead, Ius gubernandi - right to govern is new legal foundation which is condition to building successfull functional, propulzive and humanely national and global society and state.

But why do we need Right and laws equally applicable to the whole world?
Here's an hypotetical example that will answer that question.

Let's suppose that some country establishs very good laws that protect nature. Let's also suppose that these laws are valid and respected only in this country, and, in additional, that other countries do not care about nature and waste it.

What will happen?

Nature's protection costs a lot. It increases production costs and reduces competitiveness of mentioned good and honest country.

Because of it, the good country, that respects such, good laws, could collapse. It would be ruined just by its respect and life in accordance with good laws.

In opposite to that country, those countries that are not respecting such good laws and are damaging the nature, those countries, therefore, would go well. Moreover, it would even be enriched.

It would be a large injustice.

Let's now suppose that those good laws were Global state laws, which would be equally applicable to all local states in the world. In such case, nature would be preserved, and all countries would be well too. In additional, in this, second case, it could not be possible that bad countries were rewarded and passing well, and good countries or states were punished and collapse, just as really is in a case in which good laws are valid only in one or several countries.

But those, good laws which have to be valid to the whole world is possible to apply only by Global State. Those new laws are the root of the solution of problem that are threatening to nations and species. Global State is capable instrument to motivate and coerce all nations to respect and hold those good laws, or Global, ecumenical Right. In additional, only Global state could punish some national state if it is not holding that Right.

Thus, the global state is only inevitable real instrument by which we (human species) applys Global Right. We need that instrument for the shake of true and complete relization of justice and good, and for the shake of realization of those ultimate goals that give sense to existence and activity of human species.
Therefore, we have to start with the rule:

One species, One Planet, One Law, the same measure for all!

This is also important in regard to achiveing distributive justice.


only if the merits of each of all countries, or some other subject, are measured by the same measure, it is possible correctly determine who has made and gave a bigger and more important contribution to achieving the goals of the species. Only in that way can be determined a fair reward for each contribution.
Ancient Greek philosopher Parmenid said: Justice is the foundation of entire world, and its way of existence.

Ancient Romans said:

Fiat iustitia pereat mundus – let there be justice, even in a case of colapse of the world.

I believe that the right and justice are the most improtant and strongest volitional instruments to build good, meaningful life and achieve those ultimate goals of human species.

Therefore, is there anything more important than justice?

Additional explanations at:

Let's repeat: The existing economic and civilizational crisis can be solved by establishing a society based in artificial ownership and by establishing global state.

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